About Me

Yolanda @ The Peak, Hong Kong

Hi, I’m Yolanda.  I live in Melbourne, Australia where I have finally settled after years of travelling, mostly in Asia. When I left Canada in my early twenties, I left on a lifelong dream to see the world and travel. What I didn’t realize at the time of my departure was that my quest to see the world would not only lead to an exploration of temples and other cultures, but also a deep and profound exploration of my inner and outer worlds: the world I saw around me, and the world I saw within.  Both were very different, and yet with deep introspection I learned that my outer world was merely just a reflection of what was happening in my inner world and vice versa.

I spent years exploring Spirituality by attending this workshop and that, learning from so many prominent people.  I even worked at the New Age Shop in Hong Kong for a year where I was exposed to everything spiritual under the sun.  But the most important thing I learned quite early in my journey was that the answers to everything lie within. We are all capable of doing anything if we truly want to, it’s up to us to make it happen.  Often times when we fail, it’s not because we aren’t good enough, it’s because we didn’t believe in ourselves enough, and we didn’t trust that as humans we are actually capable of so much. We are often our own greatest critic, and we forget that we are our own greatest master.

I also learned that each human has a wealth of wisdom within they can use to inspire and empower others, they just haven’t always found it and accessed it.  In this blog I share with you my own wisdom that I tap into when I walk, when I write, when I go about my busy life in hopes that it may inspire you to look within, to look without, and tap into that library of wisdom you are carrying around with you. I love to empower people to allow their own wisdom to shine through, so I encourage you to leave a comment with your own unique wisdom that comes from deep within you, as you travel the daily journey through your inner and outer you.  Please no shared wisdom from others, just yourself as this blog is about the unique me and you, and I know you definitely  have it in you 🙂


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