Finding Wisdom through writing how we feel

Writing is an interesting thing, it connects us to parts of us that we can’t always access when we speak.  Perhaps it’s because the subject must come from within, and not be triggered by a response you receive in a conversation.  Writing is a solo act, and generally takes place in quiet internal focused moments.  Writing can be therapeutic, a creative outlet, a memory recorder, or an emotional release.  It all depends really want you use it for.

For me, writing has often been a way of tapping into the wisdom that lies buried beneath all the emotional clutter.  Wisdom only accessed when it’s voice is finally given the chance to speak.  I have found many a solution to my own problems simply by writing my problems out, and dumping all those emotions and feelings onto a page first.  By writing it all, it helps me to get a better understanding of it all, and from it those gems of wisdom slowly make their appearance in either subtle or blatantly obvious ways.

Wisdom comes in many forms, and is revealed to us in many ways.  Tapping in through writing is one such way.


Need some clarity on a situation, feel like you are stuck and there is too much running through your mind to get some proper clarity?  Try opening up a blank word document, or, if you write faster than you type, grab a pen and paper.  Just start writing about the situation and how you feel.  Let the writing start to flow and take over until you are done and you have no more to say.

Now for the final step.  Read through what you have written.  This is important because it affirms what you have been feeling, it gives it a voice, and it also can bring clarity.  It is from this point most of the wisdom starts to reveal itself, and if it hasn’t yet, it will, just be open to receiving some clarity on the situation, either from within, or around you.

Tip: If I am needing clarity and wisdom around a person or their actions, I find it more useful to open up a blank Email.  Write a letter to that person writing all that I feel.  I never send the Email, but just the act of writing to someone can bring up all that I want to say. Deleting the Email in a way clears away all that emotional clutter with the press of a button, and understanding, wisdom, and a clearer knowing what to do follows.

Have you received any wisdom through writing lately that you’d like to share?  Leave me comment below.  Happy writing =)