Starting Anew

I started this blog from an idea, one that came to me one weekend in our little Unit in Surrey Hills.  It was a great idea at the time, but I really didn’t have what it took to move this blog forwards, to bring through the inner wisdom in a way in which I could share it publicly.

A year and a half later I find myself at a new place, living in our own house in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs working intensively, but without things quite lining up.  Despite everything that I juggle daily, a husband, a big house, a large garden which I maintain, a full time job in the city, and the deep inner learning and healing that I love doing in every spare moment I can find, my life has become quite routine.  It’s reached that place where I’ve forgotten what inspires me, what moves me, and what propels me forwards.  I have been moving forward for the sake of moving forward and its beginning to feel like work. Furthermore, I have completely stopped writing, something that was once an intense passion of mine, a gift that has always brought clarity, focus, and understanding. It seems I have misplaced my inspiration, and forgotten the reason for doing all that I do.

I decided to wipe the dust off this blog, add a little oil*** and try and get it going again, to move it forward and get it out there.  I feel I really need to write again, re-ignite the passion, find inspiration in my own words, and to really give myself a reason to do what I do.

Here is to a new journey.  A journey of inspiration, wisdom, guidance, calling, and lots and lots of loving healing words, all from within, the best kind of all.

From me, to you, with love.

Happy reading!!  🙂

***The Cantonese word for “Good luck” is “Gayou” which literally translates to “Add Oil” A popular way of cheering someone on in Hong Kong is to say in English “Add oil!”.  Pun Intended.  🙂


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